The test will determine whether siblings are identical or fraternal twins.

A DNA twin test is a scientific technique to determine whether twins are fraternal or identical. The test analyzes the DNA profiles of the siblings to identify genetic markers unique to each twin. Buccal swabs are commonly used to collect DNA samples for this type of testing, as it is a reliable and non-invasive method of collecting DNA samples.

People who may need to be tested using buccal swabs for a DNA twin test include:

  1. Twins or their parents who want to confirm whether twins are identical or fraternal
  2. Adopted individuals who suspect they may have a twin and want to confirm the type of twin relationship

DNA twin testing can provide valuable information for individuals who want to learn more about their genetic makeup and family history. Identical twins share the same genetic makeup, while fraternal twins share only 50% of the same genetic material. This test can be beneficial when twins are separated at birth and their biological relationship is unknown. DNA twin testing can also provide valuable information for parents, medical professionals, and researchers interested in investigating the genetic and environmental factors affecting human health and development.

Results from Home Collection Kits are not legally admissible
COST $2,330
Turnaround Time for Results 5 – 7 business days
Persons to be tested: Twin Siblings