The test will determine the likelihood of an aunt/uncle being related to a niece or nephew.

A DNA avuncular test, also known as an aunt-uncle DNA test, is a scientific technique used to determine the likelihood that an alleged aunt or uncle is related to a child. The test compares the DNA profiles of the alleged aunt or uncle and the child to identify whether they share genetic markers. Buccal swabs are commonly used to collect DNA samples for this type of testing, as it is a reliable and non-invasive method of collecting DNA samples.

People who may need to be tested using buccal swabs for a DNA avuncular test include:

  • An aunt or uncle who wants to confirm a biological relationship with a niece or nephew
  • A child who wants to know if their alleged aunt or uncle is genuinely related to them
  • In some cases, both parents of the child may be deceased, and the child seeks to confirm a biological relationship with an extended family member.

DNA avuncular testing can provide a valuable way for families to establish their biological relationships, mainly when other means of identifying family relationships are unavailable. This kind of test may enable a niece or nephew to receive financial, emotional, or medical support from their aunt/uncle that they may not know otherwise without the biological relationship being established. DNA testing is a scientifically reliable method to confirm an aunt or uncle relationship and allows individuals to receive accurate information about their family bloodlines.

Results from Home Collection Kits are not legally admissible
COST $2,330
Turnaround Time for Results 5 – 7 business days
Persons to be tested: 1 Alleged Aunt or Uncle, Child, Biological Mother
Additional cost for additional aunt or uncle – $1,170