The test will determine, with indisputable accuracy, if a woman is the true biological mother of a child.

A DNA maternity test is a scientific technique used to determine whether a woman is the biological mother of a child. The test involves analyzing the DNA profiles of the alleged mother and the child to identify if they share genetic markers. Buccal swabs are commonly used to collect DNA samples for this type of testing, which is a non-invasive and painless process that can be easily done at home or any authorized collection center.

People who may need to be tested using buccal swabs for a DNA maternity test include:

  • Mothers who want to confirm biological motherhood of a child
  • Children who want to confirm their biological mother
  • Adopted children who searching to learn more about their biological roots
  • Siblings who wish to confirm biological relationship with each other as full or half siblings.
  • hips.

The results of the DNA maternity test are highly accurate and can provide peace of mind for families who have doubts about their biological relationships. These tests can also be used as legal evidence in court cases related to custody, inheritance, and other legal matters where biological relationships are a factor. DNA testing has revolutionized the ability to identify who is related to whom, and can often resolve disputes and questions of biological relationships with a high degree of accuracy.

Results from Home Collection Kits are not legally admissible
COST $2,000
Turnaround Time for Results 5 – 7 business days
Persons to Be Tested: Alleged Mother and Child, Father is optional
Additional cost for additional alleged mother – $920 per person