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“I had doubts. Got the test. Happy I did. I would have been thinking this child is mine when she is not. Professional, confidential, and reliable service.”

Joshua M

“We had a big inheritance estate in Tobago. There were so many people claiming ownership and claiming to be our half brothers and sisters. With our parents both deceased, an extended siblishipship test was the solution. Thank you for closing this harrowing experience for us. We got all the answers needed.”

Martha A

“During an argument with my wife, she doubted that I was the father of our daughter only to say later that it was said in out of anger. What she had said has constantly bothered me, so I got the test done. After getting the results, I guess some of the things said in the heat of the moment are true. Thank you for your help.”

Derek S

“I was doubtful if this child is mine, I secretly did a test. I got the answers I needed. Thank you.”

Phillip J

“This guy keeps saying this child is not his. He has a family and does not want his wife to know. We did the test, and he is the father of my child. The truth always comes to light.”

Ayana S

“We have been three sisters all our lives. As soon as our mother passed, rumors started flying around that perhaps my one of sisters may have been a half-sister. This was bothering us for months until we found you guys. Totally professional, answered all the questions, arranged conference calls to speak to all of us, answered every single email we sent. We even were able to get a couple of calls from the USA laboratory. This service is second to none. I do not know of any place that would have given us support like this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All rumors laid to rest. We are FULL SIBLINGS without a doubt.”

Latisha M

“My boyfriend died suddenly in a shoot-out. I applied for financial aid from the state. They said I needed to prove he was the father of this child. I convinced his mother to get tested. Thank God we were able to get this done with a Grandparentage test. The state agency accepted the report, and I can get financial relief from them.”

Rachel B

“I was very worried about how my three-year-old would handle this test. We had jitters from the night before. Oh my God, the staff at this place are the best. Kind, gentle, patient, and understanding. I could not ask for a better experience.”

Justin C

“My daughter was living with her mother and stepfather. She was being sexually abused. I applied for custody, but the mother claimed that she was not my child. I got the test done, she is my child, and Children’s Authority was able to take her out of that nightmare and bring her to my safe home. Thank you so much for saving her life.”

Sunita B

“After 18 years of marriage, my wife and I were on bad terms. My wife discovered some things about me early in our marriage. She demanded a DNA test. I was worried about how my 15 yr old would feel going to a clinic to be swabbed. I contacted this clinic via email, got my answers, and then had a call from the clinic Manager. Within a few days, we had a collector come out to our home to have the test done. Results came back quickly too. I am happy the results turned out in my favor.”

Deodath R

“I had doubts whether my baby was switched at birth. I was happy to find this lab that can do a maternity test for me. What a relief, my baby is mine.”

Louisa J

“My lawyer found this laboratory for me. I was having a hard time with my step-sister to get my part of an inheritance. The collector came out to my home in Mayaro and my step-sister’s home in Rio Claro. The lady was on time despite all the rain that day. She was very patient because our mother has dementia and is not very well behaved. After she went to Rio Claro and did the second collection. I am glad I did not have to battle with seeing my step-sister. It took the court some time, but the case is closed, and I have my rightful share of the inheritance.”

Dinesh S

“Why did I wait so long to get this test done? I have been thinking this child is mine for the last nine years. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

Jamal C

“I wanted to change the name of the father on my child’s birth certificate. After many runs around with the Registrar’s office, I got this test, and it made life easier. Thank you for providing a reliable and credible service that the government accepts.”

Larissa N

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